Early Identification and Intervention for Children with Disabilities

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Together with the Swiss and the German-Himalayan Bhutan Societies we support the Bhutanese non-governmental organization Ability Bhutan Society. It trains facilitators in the Early Childhood and Development Centers (ECCD) in Trashi Yangtse, in the far northeast of Bhutan, in the early identification and early intervention for children with disabilities. 20 ECCD facilitators will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to take appropriate action for the support and inclusion of children and their families.

ABS goes East

ABS is based in Thimphu and has no regional structures. According to 2017 Population and Housing Census data, 3.5% of Trashi Yangtse’s population has one or more disabilities. Yet there is little information on how to support children with disabilities, let alone a well-understood inclusion in school and community. The project therefore aims to create awareness about the different support systems and types of disabilities. In addition, intensive hands-on training will be provided to twenty ECCD facilitators who play a critical role for those children with disabilities who are admitted to the center. They will be provided with the most important knowledge on early diagnosis, and on where to refer those with disabilities. Thus, at least 2 ECCD centers in Trashi Yangtse will be established and equipped to serve as a model for social inclusion for children with disabilities.

What content is taught?
  • What is a disability and what types are there
  • Important milestones in a child’s development
  • Importance of early identification and early intervention
  • Social communication
  • Behavior management
  • Children’s rights and child protection
  • Inclusion in the community

Project Data:

Project name: Training for early identification and intervention for children with disabilities
Funding: 6,675 Euro; Friends of Bhutan Association, Austria 1,250 Euro (further contributions from Society Swiss-Bhutan and German Himalaya Society)
Project partner: Ability Bhutan Society
Project duration: December 15, 2022 – March 31, 2023
Thematic focus: children’s rights, rights for persons with disabilities.
SDG Tracker: SDG 10 Reduce inequality.