SAVE THE DATE: LUNANA 11/11/2021, 8pm Cinema DeFrance

Unser Verein der Freunde Bhutans Österreich  zeigt  anlässlich seiner Generalversammlung  in Kooperation mit dem Votiv Kino De France  am 11.11.2021 um 20 Uhr den mehrfach ausgezeichneten Film LUNANA des bhutanischen Regisseurs und Drehbuchautors Pawo Choyning Dorji.Bhutan 2020; Dauer: 109 min; Sprache/Untertitel: Dzongkha/d/f



Ugyen, ein junger Lehrer in Bhutan, wird in die abgelegenste Schule der Welt zwangsversetzt. Wenig motiviert macht sich Ugyen auf den Weg nach Lunana. Einer stundenlangen Fahrt durch sattes Grün folgt ein 8-tägiger Trek, langsam weichen die saftigen Hügel Bhutans einer irren Bergwelt. Fernab von seinem gewohnten Komfort findet sich Ugyen in einem Dorf namens Lunana wieder. Dort trifft er auf eine Gemeinschaft, die ihn mit größtem Respekt betrachtet. Ugyen wird mit einer so ehrerbietigen Gastfreundlichkeit, mit einer zurückhaltenden Offenheit empfangen, die ihn gleichermaßen rührt wie überfordert – nur ein Lehrer könne «die Zukunft der Kinder berühren», so die gängige Meinung. Etwas widerwillig lässt Ugyen die muntere Kinderschar des Dorfes sein Herz gewinnen. Erwartungsvoll und wissbegierig saugen sie alles auf, was er ihnen beibringt, wecken den Tatendrang in ihm. Ans Weggehen mag er immer weniger denken. Nach und nach lernt Ugyen mehr über seinen Beruf, als es ihm seine Ausbildung zu vermitteln mochte.

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How it all started. Forest Entomology in Bhutan

Heinrich Schmutzenhofer with Kaka, final degree of Kaka, November 2016
Heinrich Schmutzenhofer with Kaka, final degree of Kaka, November 2016

Our association member,  Heinrich Schmutzenhofer, can look back on a particularly long joint history between Austria and Bhutan. The official development cooperation between Austria and Bhutan began under his initiative. We asked him to tell us his very personal story, about his work and his impressions from this time and about how it all began….

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 Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH) during the first year of COVID-19

by Sonam Tshering, lecturer RITH

Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality
Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality

Bhutan recorded its first case of novel coronavirus in the country on 6th March 2020. The Prime Minister announced that the government worked on all arrangements under the direct supervision of none other than His Majesty the King. His Majesty was concerned of the unfortunate traveler and advised the government to take care of him and his partner. With the contacts beings traced overnight, the boarding house of the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH) was identified by the government as a quarantine facility. The students had to vacate their rooms instantly and the boarding house was cleaned thoroughly to welcome the contacts of the first case into the boarding house for observation. Their wellbeing was taken care of throughout the quarantine period. The Office of His Majesty’s Secretariat provided all the necessary amenities such as water boilers, TVs, heaters and extra blankets to make the stay of the contacts comfortable. Read more

RENEW: Computer Lab and ICT Training for Women and Girls

Participants of the ICT Training
Participants of the ICT Training

RENEW with support from Friends of Bhutan Austria (FOBA) conducted a three day “Basic Financial Literacy and Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Tutorial”, with 30 participants, 28 female and 2 male. The training took place from 12th to 14th November, 2020  at Gawaling Happy Home, Wangsisina, Thimphu. In addition, FOBA provided four computers for the computer lab for disadvantaged women and girls.
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Finally! BESKOP – The first film-streaming platform of CINEMA from BHUTAN

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Support Bhutan’s fight against the Co-vid pandemic.
Currently, until further notice, 20% of all proceeds will go towards Bhutan’s Covid Fund which supports those most affected by the pandemic and its lockdowns and closures.

Training for Neuronavigation in JDWNR Hospital

Training for Neuronavigation in JDWNR Hospital

Dr. Maschke trains staff of JDWNR Hospital

The young doctor Dr. Svenja Maschke is specialised in the use of neuronavigation devices. At the moment she is training assistant doctors and technical personnel at the JDWNR Hospital Thimphu in the use of such a device.

During the highly intensive three-week training in Bhutan, the required software skills are to be trained and enhanced in order to be used in the operating theatre. Another major objective is to pass on the knowledge to further interested assistant doctors and technical personnel. Read more

Health Care. A visit to Dagana

Dagana Hospital

Dagana HospitalSix doctors are supposed to work in Dagana. When we visited this southern Bhutanese district in August 2019, we met a lone doctor in the little hospital in the district town. Unfortunately, he was also about to leave to be deployed in Thimphu. Doctors are a “scarce species“ not only in Dagana. Nationwide, there are currently only three doctors per 10 000 citizens. (12th Five Year Plan, S.85f).

Dagapela District Hospital

 We did not meet a doctor in the larger district hospital in Dagapela, but we had the chance to talk to highly professional and motivated nurses. Mr. Prem Neopanay and Ms.Tshering  Dema presented  a well organised and relatively well-equipped hospital regarding human and technical resources. Read more

Longstanding Relations Revived

Longstanding Relations Revived

This summer Karma Dorji, a young Bhutanese student of Criminology at the University of New Brunswick, Canada was offered insight into the work at Criminal Intelligence Service Austria.

Austria and Bhutan have had long-standing relations on police level since two officers of the Royal Bhutan Body Guard and the Royal Bhutan Police participated in a 10-week training of the Austrian Special Operations Unit WEGA in 2002. This was continued by a follow-up some years later and numerous contacts and visits both on professional and private level. Read more

30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Austria and Bhutan

30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Austria and Bhutan
Ehrengast Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck

22 August 2019. Her Excellency, the Austrian Ambassador to Bhutan, Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer hosted a reception at the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH). Her Royal Highness Ashi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck graced the event as the Guest of Honour.

Numerous Ministers of the Royal Government and Bhutanese dignitaries participated in the reception on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Austria and Bhutan.  Austrian musicians entertained the guests with traditional Austrian music. Two representatives of the Friends of Bhutan Association Austria have also been invited to participate in this memorable event.

The venue of the celebrations, the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (RITH), presents an outstanding example of cooperation between Austria and Bhutan. Construction and refurbishment of the school building as well as the training of the young Bhutanese tourism professionals has been supported by Austria since 2008. Tourism Schools Salzburg have been significantly involved in the curriculum and capacity development of  RITH. Diploma programs offered by RITH are also certified by Tourism Schools Salzburg. Read more